Lürzer's Archive BEST200 Packaging Design worldwide 2017/2018.
Theo most important Archive for Advertsing, Photography and Design voted 4 DAC Projects under the best 200 Packaging Design worldwide.
Agencies like BBDO, JungVonMatt, Serviceplan, Legas Delany, McCann, Antonio Rivera or Andrew Hirst were also under the Best200.
Brands like Coca Cola, Absolut Wodka, Jägermeister and a lot of other "Big Names" are shown in this Book. Hell, yeahhh!
Relishing Marketing // Dactari / Images Pub, Shanghai
Excellent Packaging // Messerer Wines // Hightone / Guangzhou
Delicios Colours // Dactari & Messerer Wines // Designbooks / Honkong
Favorite Design // Dactari // Arome / France

 "Relishing Marketing" published by Joe Duffy, Damian Hamilton und Cristiano Vinciprova Machado, leading Designers from the US, Australia and Brazil. Joe Duffy is one of the world's most respected and sought after thought leaders on branding and design. In 2004 Joe Duffy received the Legacy Medal from the American Institute of Graphic Arts for a lifetime of achievement in the field of visual communications. Damian Hamilton is the brand keeper and designer at Cornershop, an award-winning brand design boutique based in Adelaide, South Australia. Cristiano Vinciprova Machado is the strategic designer at Casa Rex, an international highly awarded house of design.

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