A fantastic visual journey from space, around the world.
Photographed by ISS space station astronauts, various Landsat orbiters as well as research satellites.
There are millions of archived images captured daily by various satellites and the ISS. An incredible network of high-resolution cameras spans our planet Earth. Not only do these continuously register changes on Earth but - through the recurring positions of these satellites and cameras - they are able to record comparable images time and again. Thus, natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods or fires can be documented and tracked at any location on earth.
Special camera filters produce so-called "False Color" images, which emphasize characteristics such as heat, cold, moisture or certain topological conditions in contrasting colors. This can be used to create concrete, scientifically sound environmental profiles and, if necessary, to react to them. This book contains a special chapter about these “False Colors” as well as more information that can be found in some of the other thematically sorted chapters.

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