By Louis Crusius 1893 // Completely restored and retouched. Coming soon on #kickstarter //
The Wall Calendar: 30x42cm, 14 Months, Dec 2019 - Jan 2021 + Extra Page
The Book Calendar: 21x15 cm, 14 Months on 150 pages The Posters: 50x70cm or 30x40cm
Louis Crusius practiced medicine and was a lecturer in anatomy and histology during the 19th century. Drawing was a hobby for Crusius, and he produced a vast number of humorous works. Almost his last conscious act was the completion of an 1898 New Year's card shortly before his death. 
His drawings frequently incorporated a humorous and satiric view of the medical profession. Most of his works were given to friends and family. A few, such as The Diagnosis, were sold to be included in a calendar published by the Antikamnia Chemical Company of St. Louis or to be used for other advertisements.
Because Crusius was primarily an anatomist, it is natural that skeletons figured prominently in his artistic themes. He was able to produce an anatomically correct drawing of a human skull that had a face expressing any emotion that suited his whimsy. In 1893, Crusius published a book, Funny Bone. Based on this book, we thought it was the best title for this calendar project:
In addition to the works of Crusius, we have some more informations of later advertising campaigns of the Antikamnia medicine.

For all who know the satirical Magazine "MAD" and the main protagonist "Alfred E. Neumann": 
Now you know, where this funny character comes from!

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