Art Reprints in Museum Quality of the wonderful NASA EXOPLANET TRAVEL BUREAU Series. All Posters are borderles redesigned in Fullsize .A wonderful creative Poster Artproject of the NASA.

Artists & Designers: David Delgado, Joby, Bucher/Ron Miller, Liz Barrios De La Torre, Invisible Creature, Jessie Kawata and Lois Kim. 

The posters are free for download and reprinting, so we wanted to print them in a Printer Studio for my Working Place. But they were not that size i needed and the Logos and Text in Header and Footer did not fit with the Artwork for me. So, what to do?

We decided to retouch the Posters and fit them to international Standard Sizes in Europe and US. 70x100 cm & 24x36 inch. That's large, but the quality we got from the Nasa Server was more than perfect to the selection I made! We thought there might be a lot of other people, who would like to have one of these prints borderless in fullsize on their walls. So we made it to a Kickstarter Project:

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