A Book Project of illustrated Posters. A historical Documentation of fascinating Posters around the cultural, social and economic activities and also some political statements from 1920 -1950 in the USA. The focus on this Project are the artistic aspects.  While we were researching vintage graphics, we discovered some really awesome Posters. Most of them were "Public Domain" images with a very high resolution, but a lot were very damaged. But we decided to retouch and restore them, because we had never seen this amazing stuff anywehere before.
So we retouched thousands of scratches, hairs and dust particles, renewed paper structures and optimized some of these posters for the Book resolution. The Book includes 72 Pages, 170 Grams Paper inside, Hardcover. Black Headband, Glossy Cover. We selected 60 stunning illustrations, that are really outstanding. We have more than 200 in stock and are still researching.

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